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Governing Council 2015-17


Dr Ashok Chanana
President, PAFMAT


Dr Rajiv Joshi
Gen. Secy, PAFMAT


Dr Akashdeep Aggarwaal
Treasurer, PAFMAT


Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Minutes of Executive Body Meeting Dated February 05, 2011

Venue: Maharani Club PATIALA

Meeting No.: PAFMAT/EBM/20/2011

The following members attended the meeting:

  1. Dr OP Aggarwal,
  2. Dr RK Gorea,
  3. Dr Harjinder Singh,
  4. Dr DS Bhullar,
  5. Dr Anil Garg,
  6. Dr KK Aggarwal,
  7. Dr DS Walia,
  8. Dr SS Oberoi &
  9. Dr Akashdeep Aggarwal.


Agenda No. 1: Meeting called to order:

Meeting was called to order by the president in chair.

Agenda No.2: Message of inability to attend:

It was received from Dr Amandeep Singh & Dr AS Thind.

Agenda No. 3: Confirmation of the minutes of EBM dated May 19, 2010: Were read and confirmed with matters arising out of the minutes as “Dr DS Bhullar will prepare the medico-legal manual and present the same within two weeks”

Agenda No. 4: Action taken / activity report: Efforts of Dr DS Bhullar & Dr Kuldeep Singh were appreciated for successfully organizing Mid Year CME on May 28, 2010 and 9 th annual conference on December 4, 2010 in Govt. Medical College Patiala.

Agenda No. 5: Vision 2015 Document: The document in respect of specialty of forensic medicine was discussed in details and was rejected in the present form. It was decided to prepare a detailed memorandum and send it to the MCI highlighting importance of the specialty of forensic medicine in the present day crime detection and keep it as the compulsory subject for undergraduate teaching of MBBS.

Agenda No. 6: Audit of PAFMAT Accounts:

The letter received from Principal GMC Patiala was discussed and it was decided to get the accounts of CME & Conference of the last year audited at own level and send one copy of this audit report to the office of Principal GMC Patiala by March 31 st 2011.

Agenda N.7: Journal of PAFMAT:

Efforts of Dr RK Gorea & Dr Anil Garg, Editor & Joint Editor respectively, were appreciated for regular publication of the Journal of PAFMAT. It was decided to transfer Rs. 15000/- (Fifteen thousand only) from the PAFMAT account to the accounts of the Journal of PAFMAT for the year 2011. Dr OP Aggarwal & Dr DS Bhullar volunteered to donate Rs. 5000/- each for the expanses of the Journal for the year 2011. It was also resolved to request the library authorities of medical colleges of Punjab & adjoining states for subscription of the Journal of PAFMAT.

Agenda No. 8 : Election of the office bearers for the year 2011-13.

It was decided to complete the process of the election before March 31, 2011. Dr KK Aggarwal was nominated as the Election Commissioner for this election and authorized to appoint two more election commissioners at his own. On request, Dr OP Aggarwal agreed to sponsor the next General Body Meeting on March 27, 2011 (Sunday) at 11-30 A, at Ambala Cantt.

Agenda No. 9: Any other with permission of the Chair:

It was decided to hold the 10th Annual Conference of the Academy on October 29, 2011 (Saturday). Dr OP Aggarwal agreed to hold it at Ambala.

It was resolved to urge all PAFMAT members to attend the Indo Pacific Conference being held at Gaziabad on May 7th & 8th 2011.

All members were urged to join “forensicways website” for regularly updating their knowledge in forensic medicine.

Efforts of Dr Anil Garg for regularly updating the website of the Academy were appreciated & a sum of Rs. 2000/- per year was sanctioned for purchasing/ renewing the own website Hosting. (Earlier we have renewed the domain name ( for five years up to 16 September 2014 for Rs 2500/- in year 2009)

It was decided that in future 10% of the savings of any annual conference will be transferred to the accounts of the PAFMAT & the Journal each.

Agenda No. 10 : Vote of thanks was given by Dr Harjinder Singh.

Note: Minutes of the meeting recorded & written by Dr DS Bhullar, President on behalf of General Secretary Dr Harjinder Singh.

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