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Governing Council 2015-17


Dr Ashok Chanana
President, PAFMAT


Dr Rajiv Joshi
Gen. Secy, PAFMAT


Dr Akashdeep Aggarwaal
Treasurer, PAFMAT


Minutes of Executive Body Meeting Dated September 04, 2010

Venue: Maharani Club PATIALA

Meeting No.: PAFMAT/GBM/7/2010

The following members attended the meeting:

  1. Dr OP Aggarwal,
  2. Dr RK Gorea,
  3. Dr Kuldeep Singh
  4. Dr Harjinder Singh,
  5. Dr DS Bhullar,
  6. Dr D Harish.
  7. Dr Anil Garg,
  8. Dr Amandeep Singh.
  9. Dr KK Aggarwal,
  10. Dr DS Walia,
  11. Dr SS Oberoi
  12. Dr A S Thind&
  13. Dr Harish Tuli

 Agenda No. 1: Meeting called to order:

Meeting was called to order by president in chair.

Agenda No. 2: Message of inability to attend:

Received from Dr Chawli, Dr Ashwani & Dr Ajay Kumar members through Dr D Harish.

It was resolved to record message of inability to attend the meetings in future only by written intimation or by SMS/ E-Mail from the members to the General Secretary / President/Web Master at least one day in advance of the meeting.

Agenda No. 3: Self introduction of members:

It was passed as done.

Agenda No. 4: Confirmation of the minutes of last GBM dated Sep.12, 2009. Minutes of the GBM were read & confirmed with discussions on the matters arising as below:

  • Constitution Amendment (Agenda No. 4): it was resolved to invite proposals from the members for amendment in the constitution if any by October 30, 2010. The proposals will be sent to the Secretary/President which will be discussed in the EBM in the first week of November, 2010 for final approval in the next GBM.

  • On discussion regarding affidavit by the expert medical witness in courts, Dr Kuldeep Singh agreed to produce the concerned circular which will be sent to all the members at the earliest possible.

  • It was resolved not to give prior undertaking (Surety to appear in the court) to the court officials serving summons to the doctors till they produce authentic evidence as court/administrative order.

  • Regarding admissibility of MLR/PMR as such in law courts, Dr Didar Singh was requested to do the needful by September 30. 2010.

  • The matter regarding patrons on the letter head pad of PAFMAT was deferred till next election of the office bearers.

Agenda No. 5: Activity Report:

Successful completion of the Mid Year CME dated May 28, 2010 in GMC Patiala was discussed and passed with appreciation for the organizers.

Agenda No. 6: Annual Conference :

It was decided to hold annual conference of PAFMAT in collaboration with department of Forensic Medicine on December 04, 2010 (Saturday) in GMC Patiala with Dr Kuldeep Singh as Organizing Secretary and with minimum contribution of Rs. 30,000/- from him for the conference.

The delegate fee was decided as Rs. 500/- from delegate & Rs. 300/- from PG student. It was further resolved to include President Dr DS Bhullar, Gen Secretary Dr Harjinder Singh & Finance Secretary Dr Didar Singh as members of the organizing committee and the organizing committee was authorized to decide further at its own the matters for the successful completion of the conference.

It was also decided to operate the PAFMAT Bank Account (No. 55016951451 of SBOP Rajindra Hospital Patiala branch) for financial transactions of the conference.

Agenda No.7: PAFMAT Journal & Report of the Editor-in-Chief :

Dr RK Gorea as Editor-in-Chief of the journal informed the house that both issues of the journal were ready for release. It was resolved to get the journal released during the annual conference.

It was further resolved to divert the balance money of all the annual conferences in future equally to the PAFMAT Account and the Account of the PAFMAT Journal with minimum of Rs. 10,000/- (Ten Thousand) to the Journal Account.

Agenda No.8: Fabricated injury incidences:

It was resolved to strongly condemn the incidences of fabricated injury cases being reported in the government hospitals with appeal to the state government to formulate a concrete policy to check such incidences in future.

Agenda No. 9: TA /DA to doctors attending law courts:

It was resolved to submit a memorandum to the state government / Hon. High Court with demands on the matter as:

  • Timely clearance of the TA/DA bills of the doctors attending courts as expert witnesses.

  • Provide separate budget for clearing long pending TA DA bills of the doctors.

  • Direction to the courts to ensure conduct money in private cases as per the government rules.

  • Ensure clearance of TA DA bills of the doctors working in private medical college but appearing in state cases.

Agenda No. 10: Status of Mortuaries:

It was resolved to urge the state government to provide new cold chambers in the mortuaries of state medical colleges which presently are non-functional or in poor working conditions.

Agenda No. 11: DPC/Promotion in medical colleges:

It was resolved to urge the state medical education department for timely filling of the vacant posts in the faculty of forensic medicine to avoid MCI objections and in the interest of medical students.

Agenda No.12: Any other as desired by members:

  • It was resolved to submit a detailed memorandum to the state government for up-gradation of the mortuaries where the working environment is still unhygienic & shortage of staff & equipment.

  • It was resolved to prepare Medico-Legal Manual by PAFMAT and submit the same for approval by the state government.

  • It was resolved to submit a memorandum to the Secretary Health & Welfare Punjab for best utilization of the services of the forensic medicine specialists wherever they are available at the district headquarters and consider them at par with other specialist doctors and appoint only a forensic medicine specialist as the Assistant Chemical Examiner

  • It was further resolved to urge the state government for giving PM Risk Allowance to the doctors put o PM duties.

  • It was resolved to represent the Academy during lecture by some foreign expert being organized by Dr RK Gorea in Gian Sagar Medical College on November 03, 2010.

  • It was further resolved to prepare E-Mail address of the Academy with its ID as and Dr Anil Garg as Web Master of PAFMAT was authorized for the needful. The president & the General Secretary were authorized to operate the E-Mail under the password with them.

Agenda No. 13: Vote of Thanks:

Vote of thanks was given by Dr Kuldeep Singh.

Recorded by

Dr DS Bhullar, President PAFMAT.