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Governing Council 2015-17


Dr Ashok Chanana
President, PAFMAT


Dr Rajiv Joshi
Gen. Secy, PAFMAT


Dr Akashdeep Aggarwaal
Treasurer, PAFMAT


No PAFMAT/GBM/10/2011 Dated October 06, 2012 (Saturday)

Minutes of the General Body Meeting of PAFMAT held on 06.10.2012 at Chandigarh.


Minutes of the GBM of PAFMAT held on 06.10.2012 at Chandigarh


Following members attended the meeting:-

  1. Prof. Dasari Harish
  2. Prof. J.S. Dalal
  3. Prof. K.K. Agarwal
  4. Dr. Parmod Goyal
  5. Dr. Dildar Singh
  6. Dr. Harpreet Singh
  7. Dr. Anil Garg
  8. Dr. Ajay Kumar
  9. Dr. Amandeep Singh
  10. Dr. Prabhdeep Singh
  11. Dr. K.H. Chavali

Agenda of the Meeting

  1. Calling of the meeting to order.
  2. Messages of inability to attend, if any.
  3. Introduction of new members joined since the last meeting.
  4. Confirmation of minutes of the GBM held on 24.09.2011.
  5. Finalizing the date and venue of the 11 th Annual Conference of PAFMAT.
  6. Report of the Treasurer of PAFMAT including accounts of PAFMATCON-2011.
  7. Journal of PAFMAT and Report of the Editor-in-Chief.
  8. Report of the webmaster of the PAFMAT.
  9. Achievements of PAFMAT members, if any.
  10. Holding of one GBM in the after-lunch session of the annual PAFMAT conference in future and other GBMs/EBMs as required at other times of the year.
  11. Any other matter with the permission of the chair.
  12. Vote of thanks.

Minutes of the Meeting:-

  1. The meeting was called to order by the President and he welcomed all the members and requested Dr. Chavali, the General Secretary to start with the meeting.
  2. Messages of Dr. D.S. Bhullar, Dr. Akashdeep Agarwal, Dr. S.S. Oberoi, Dr. Didar Walia, Dr. Ashok Chanana, Dr. Ripan Chanana expressing inability to attend were received and conveyed to the house.
  3. Names of the following life members joining during the past one year were read out:-

  1. Dr. Pardeep Singh
  2. Dr. Ishwar Tayal
  3. Dr. Ripan Chanana
  4. Dr. Gurwinder Singh Kakkar
  5. Dr. Ravdeep Singh
  6. Dr. Rohit Kumar Singal
  7. Dr. Prabhdeep Singh

  1. As regards the minutes of the GBM held on 24.09.2011, the following points were raised and the minutes passed by the members present.
  2. Prof. K.K. Agarwal offered to initiate the issue of postmortem allowance to the doctors conducting autopsy on the pattern being followed in Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. The other members agreed in principle to extend all help.
  3. Dr. A.D. Agarwal to be reminded regarding framing of questions for asking through RTI the infrastructure available and allocation of funds for mortuaries by Govt. Medical Colleges of Punjab and Chandigarh and Medical College, Faridkot.
  4. As regards the collection of nominal fees for publication of articles in the Journal of PAFMAT, the President pointed out that there was acute paucity of funds both with the Journal and the Society. Already the JIAFM, JIST, Medico Legal Update, Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology are charging Rs.1000/- to Rs.3000/- or annual membership fees for publication of articles. It was proposed to charge a nominal amount from the authors of publication of articles in JPAFMAT. Prof. K.K. Agarwal proposed that Rs.500/- per article be charged from members of the Academy and Rs.1000/- from non-members. It was unanimously decided to do the same. However, as the Editor-in-Chief was not present, it was again decided to consult the editor and take his views. This issue will again come up in the next GBM.
  5. The 11 th Annual Conference of PAFMAT, after deliberations and proposal by Prof. Parmod Goyal has been fixed to be held at Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences, Bathinda, the tentative date being 19 th January, 2013. Further communications in this regard will be made by Prof. Parmod Goyal and Dr. Anil Garg, Webmaster, on his behalf.
  6. The report of the treasurer was tabled and accepted as such.
  7. The report of the Editor-in-Chief could not be tabled due to his absence on account of sudden illness. To be tabled in the next GBM.
  8. Report of the Webmaster:

Dr. Anil Garg apprised the members of the issue of the problems with the agency hosting the website of PAFMAT.

Dr. Anil and Dr. Chavali had received e-mails from Taurus Recovery Agency acting on behalf of Manas Hosting for payments on account of alleged reselling of the webspace.

Dr. Anil submitted a copy of the bill for the 3 year plan purchased by him on behalf of PAFMAT wherein the name of the website of the Academy was clearly mentioned. He also conveyed that after discussion with the agency, he had received an audit report wherein it was mentioned that as per the scheme, the amount was to be paid for 4 months and the remaining period of 3 years would be free. This transaction was made on 15.8.2011 and hence would be valid till 14.8.2014.

Dr. Anil and Dr. Chavali further informed that they received no further emails from the company or the recovery agency.

It was hence decided that Dr. Anil would follow up with the company and in the meanwhile search for other transparent alternatives.

He was also requested to maintain a periodic back up of the data on the website.

  1. Achievements of PAFMAT members:
  2. Dr. Anil Garg was promoted as Associate Professor at Gian Sagar Medical College, Banur.
  3. Dr. Parmod Goyal was promoted as Professor & Head at Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences, Bathinda.
  4. Dr. Harpreet Singh was promoted as Associate Professor at MMIMS, Mullana.
  5. Prof. R.K. Gorea joined as Principal at Guru Nanak Mission Medical College, Dhan Kalera, Nawanshahr.
  6. Dr. Gurwinder S.Kakkar joined as Assistant Professor at AIMS, Bathinda.
  7. Dr. K.H. Chavali was declared as Toxicologist of the Month by the IST for 2 consecutive months (August, September 2011).

All present applauded the achievements of the members.

  1. It was unanimously decided to hold one GBM in the post lunch session of the Annual PAFMAT Conference in future and other GBMs/EBMs, as required at other times of the year. Hence, the next GBM is scheduled to be held at AIMS, Bathinda on the 11 th Annual Conference of PAFMAT.

This decision was taken because the attendance at GBMs was not adequate and an Annual GBM during the Conference would increase the interaction among the members.

  1. Any other with the permission of the Chair:
  2. Dr. Parmod Goyal proposed that photographs of all the life members with their present designation be uploaded on the website alongside their names. This was unanimously agreed.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.



(Dr. K.H. Chavali)

General Secretary


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