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Governing Council 2015-17


Dr Ashok Chanana
President, PAFMAT


Dr Rajiv Joshi
Gen. Secy, PAFMAT


Dr Akashdeep Aggarwaal
Treasurer, PAFMAT


Agenda of the General Body Meeting: Dated: June 08, 2011

    1. Meeting called to order.
    2. Message of inability to attend.
    3. Self introduction of the members present.
    4. Confirmation of the minutes of GBM dated Sep. 04, 2010 and EBM dated February 05, 2011.
    5. Activity / Action taken report.
    6. 10 th Annual Conference PAFMAT-2011.
    7. Journal of PAFMAT with report of the Editor-in-Chief.
    8. Election of the Office Bearers for the year 2011-2013.
    9. Any other with permission of the Chair.
    10. Vote of thanks.


Minutes of the GBM:  June 08, 2011

Venue: Maharani Club Patiala, Time: 6-00 PM

The following members attended the meeting

Dr OP Aggarwal, Dr RK Gorea, Dr Gurbachan Singh, Dr Harjinder Singh, Dr Akash Deep Aggarwal, Dr DS Bhullar, Dr Amandeep Singh, Dr Ashwani Kumar and Dr Didar Singh.

Agenda No.1: Meeting was called to order at 7-00PM by president in chair.

Agenda No. 2: Message of inability to attend the meeting was received from Dr Kuldeep Singh, Dr D Harish, Dr SS Oberoi and Dr Anil Garg.

Agenda No. 3: Agenda was passed without introduction of members.

Agenda No. 4: Minutes of the GBM dated September 04, 2010 and EBM dated February 05, 2011 were passed with matters arising out of the discussion resolved as under:

a.      Dr DS Bhullar was authorized to prepare the Medico-Legal manual as early as possible.

b.     It was resolved to get the accounts of the Academy audited and present the same in the next GBM & that there is no need to send the Audit report of the Academy to any other authority.

c.      Dr OP Aggarwal agreed to contribute Rs 5000/- to the accounts of the Journal of PAFMT as early as possible.

d.     It was decided to continue the same Election Commission till completion of the election process of the office bearers for the year 2011-2013.

e.      Dr OP Aggarwal will organize the 10th Annual Conference of the academy PAFMATCON-2011 at Ambala on October 27, 2011.

f.       Total savings of the annual conference of the academy will be shared equally in the accounts of the academy and that of the Journal of PAFMAT with minimum of Rs 10.000/- to the accounts of the journal if saved.

g.      Other medical colleges will be requested to subscribe journal of the academy.

Agenda No. 5: Activity / Action taken report:

1.     Memorandum on Vision – 2005 was sent to Minister& Secretary of Health, Govt. of India, Chief Justice of Supreme Court and Punjab & Haryana High Court.

2.     Letter to amend the minutes of meeting of the Academic Committee on conditions to become post-graduation guide was sent to VC BFUHS Faridkot with copies to principals of various medical colleges.

3.     Total life members till date were declared as 72 with enrollment of FIVE new members.

4.     Letter to DRME Punjab was sent on 6.9.10 by FAX on requirements / demands of the PAFMAT.

5.     A Cheque of Rs.  5000/- was handed over to Dr RK Gorea as contribution of the academy to one day seminar on Road Safety decade organized in Gian Sagar Medical College Banur on May 11, 2011.

Agenda No. 6: Dr OP Aggarwal was authorized to organize 10th annual conference of the Academy in Maulana Medical College in the month of October this year.

Agenda No. 7: Passed with appreciating the duty being rendered by the editorial Team. 

Agenda No. 8:  It was decided to complete the process of election process as early as possible.

Agenda No. 9: Any other with permission of chair: It was discussed and passed as under:

a.      Annual contribution from life members will be Rs. 300/-.

b.     Individual contribution from the members will be avoided during meetings of the academy.

c.      Life membership fee enhanced to Rs. 2000/-.

d.     Right letter to Punjab Government to update mortuaries to MCI standards.

e.      Enhance postmortem allowance on the pattern of neighboring states with share of the autopsy surgeon.

Agenda No. 10: Presented by Dr AD Aggarwal.

Noted & recorded by the undersigned on behalf of General Secretary

Dr DS Bhullar

President PAFMAT 


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